Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Keeping Kids Fulfilled Throughout the Summer

The e-book I am currently wrapping up, as I mentioned in my debut post, is about ways to keep kids busy in the summer. That is the topic I was given to work with, but I chose to write it from a different angle.

As a teacher and mother, I don't feel that kids should just be kept busy. That seems like a way to say "keep them out of my hair!" I prefer to see summer activities as ways to keep kids fulfilled (or at least on the way to fulfillment.)

My slant on the topic is to embrace the time that we are given during the summer months to spend with our kids. My job as a teacher allows me to have uninterrupted time with my baby in the summer (unless I schedule in some time off for myself, which is necessary, too!) If you don't have a job that allows you the summer off, you should still have some extra time with your kids in the summer. If you don't have it, I recommend making it.

Childhood is fleeting and we need to show our kids how much there is to learn about themselves and how much there is to do in the world-even if their world right now is their own backyard or neighborhood. Summer activities can lead to a bit of their own self-discovery.

As I was researching kids' games, I found "Ghost In the Graveyard". It's like a backwards hide-and seek where the person who is "It" is the one who is chased. You play it at night and it is so scary and sometimes dangerous, running around in the dark. But so much fun. It was my absolute favorite when I was a kid!

Think back to the games you played when you were a kid and teach them to your own kids. You really don't have to do much, think too hard or spend much money to keep your kids busy or entertained during the summer.

Just make sure they are given the opportunities to try new things and to re-discover some of the things that are already in front of them. Sometimes that guidance has to come from you.


At 2:28 AM, Blogger Wendy said...

Hi Sherri! Some guy named Carson is spamming message boards in an effort to promote your new blog, so I figured I should come see what all the hoopla is about! LOL Kidding. ;-) Kinda. He does contribute a lot to said board, so we can deal with an occasional spammy message from him. (By the way, the board is WAHM.com, which stands for work at home mom! If you scroll down, there is a board for moms who write, come say Hi and join us there!)

Your new venture sounds awesome, way better than selling Mary Kay. Of course, I'm a writer myself, so I might be biased. ;-)

I write content for most of my income, and I'm currently working on a few ebooks also. Content writing is great but writing ebooks is more fun because I get to focus on stuff that's important to me.

The biggest challenge is keeping it a priority! Like you said, personal fulfillment is so important! But it's awfully easy to put everything and everyone else ahead of our own needs. I just recently set up a new schedule to help with that, hopefully!

Welcome to the blogging world, I've added your link to my blogroll, and I look forward to hearing more about your projects as you go along! :-)

At 6:39 AM, Anonymous Lou Paun said...

I completely agree with you about summer. I always felt as though summer with my son wasn't long enough; by the time everyone who wanted a chunk of his time (grandparents, etc.) had a turn, there just wasn't enough time left for us to hang out together.

And happy anniversary!

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

Our favorite summertime activities with our kids are watching the little one chase bubbles (a bubble machine is in order for upcoming birthday!) and the middle child chasing fireflies at night armed with a mason jar (holes in the lid of course). It's amazing how the simplest pleasures are quite often the most appreciated. We also (all three kids--including the preteen, mom, and dad) enjoy eating watermelon and firing up the barbie!

Good luck with your Ebook and with filling your needs. Just remember that sometimes it's good to take a day off--this is something my dear husband is always trying to tell me. It helps recharge the creative juices and gives you renewed energy.


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