Sunday, November 05, 2006

If I Lost my Light

Yes, it's a lot late, but it's here and it is more elementary sounding than it otherwise would sound, but I wrote it to share with my kids as the example. They had a much more difficult time with this concept than I thought they would, but it was a good writing experience for them.

If I Lost my Light… by Mrs. Brackney

My sense of sight is important to me because it helps me understand the things around me. It helps me to recognize people, places and things from far away. It helps me to see dazzling colors like red and yellow, and calming colors like green and blue. My sense of sight allows me to embrace my world without a touch or sound.
If I lost my sense of sight I would feel that I lost my light. I would miss just about everything I have ever seen before, even some of the ugly stuff like garbage bins and stories on the news. Most of all, I would miss being able to see my daughter’s gorgeous, green eyes, curly brown hair and tiny hands. I would miss watching her mouth move when she talks and laugh and her face light up when she sees me. I would miss seeing all of the silly faces that she can make.
If I lost my light, I would also miss seeing my husband’s shiny, blue eyes and the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not noticing him looking.
I would miss seeing my students’ faces. I love the way my students look when they have done something they didn’t think they could do, or when they read a word that once was too hard. I love to see them grow from year to year as I notice that most of them are going to be (or already are) taller than me!
I would also miss the sky. The morning sky with it sherbet colored sunrises and the promise of hope. The afternoon sky with its shades of blues and grays and dashes of clouds. The evening sky with its sleep, peaceful sunset. The night sky with its offering of the moon and stars.
I would miss the trees. I love to watch the trees change as the seasons change, from bare and brave in the winter to fanciful and dancing in the autumn.
Food can be lovely to see and I would miss looking at the greens of my salad, the reds of my tomatoes, and the golden yellow of my French fries. I would miss seeing the way my husband so carefully arranges the food on the plate so it looks as nice as it tastes.
If I lost my light, I would also miss the sight of water. I love to look at ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans. I also like to watch the rain and to watch my daughter hop into the puddles. I would definitely miss the sight of water, as water is such a cleansing sight.
Life would be a lot different for me if I lost my light and could no longer see the people, places and things that I love. However, there are people who have lost their light and they live happy, fulfilled lives. I would hope that if I ever lost my sense of sight, that I would take comfort in the fact that the light on the inside of me, could never go away.